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"The behaviour of pupils is good, as is their attitude to learning. Pupils are kind and considerate….Children in the early years make outstanding progress...Teachers and other adults plan very imaginative activities which help the children develop both socially and academically…The school knows the pupils as individuals, and programmes to help those with special educational needs or disability are strong….Leaders place a high priority on developing pupils' good cultural awareness, and their understanding of what it is to be British….The curriculum is characterised by a strong focus on developing cultural awareness, and developing well-rounded citizens." Ofsted 2016

Bentham Community Primary School is a happy, healthy and very effective place to learn.

We are a ‘learning family’. We model good behaviour, encourage everyone to support each other in caring ways and learn to work hard.

At Bentham Community Primary School everyone believes that we should enjoy our education.

Everyone believes that reading, writing and mathematics are the core of our learning. We are also taught how to learn. If you get something wrong you have another go!

There are four very important words that mean a lot to everyone at school these are: 'Achievement', 'Respect', 'Global' and 'Heritage'.

Mrs Boocock, our Headteacher, and the school staff want you to know that Bentham Community Primary School pupils are happy, positive and active citizens of the school. They grow up to be happy, positive and active world citizens.

If any parent requires a paper copy of any of the information on this website, then please contact the school office and this can be provided free of charge.



We are delighted to share with you our recent Ofsted report. If you would like ... Read more

Latest News

Thursday 30th June saw an enthusiastic team of children from Year 5 and 6 travel to Settle to play in the Cluster Rounders tournament. Sporting their green t-shirts and jumpers they looked like a professional team....would their skills match though? After a brief re-cap of the rules from Mrs Mercer ... Read more

C’est comme si on était vraiment en France! Nous avons passé l’apres-midi à manger et a jouer. Quel festin! Pour commencer...des croissants, des brioches, des madeleines, du pain et du fromage et un petit verre de vin rouge. Pourqoui pas? Quelques jeux de boules après, un peu de musique d’Edith ... Read more

This morning, three enthusiatic Y6 pupils asked teachers and parents and those eligible to vote to fill in our survey slips. 45 Bentham residents kindly took part. We calculated that this is 2% of the potential Bentham vote. Here are our results: UK Voting population is 46.5 million. 85% (based ... Read more

On Tuesday 14th June our Year 2 children took part in a cluster Mini Olympics event at Settle College. Luckily the rain held off for the morning of sports and everyone was able to put their all into taking part in the events. On arrival the children were split into ... Read more

On Friday 17th June the whole School took part in a Dress Up and Dance day for Macmillan. The children learnt about the charity Macmillan in an assembly and discussed why raising money for such a charity is important. This year’s dress up theme was ‘Rio Carnival’ as it is ... Read more

This week 2 children were specially selected for their amazing writing skills. Writing 1 - Dan Ellershaw - Y1 - For writing up his Science investigation in full sentences, with the correct punctuation and using his beautiful cursive handwriting. Writing 2 - Robyn Harrison - Y3 - For producing some ... Read more

The School was full of regal activity on Friday 10th as we celebrated the Queens 90th Birthday. Class 1 and Class 2 made made Union Jack flags, and learnt about its origin, as well as learning about Her Majesty's crown and her many residences around Great Britain. KS2 took part ... Read more

90 pupils from KS2 along with Teachers, Parents and members of the Bentham Litter Picking Group joined forces on Friday 10th June to make a difference in our community. The event was part of a day of celebrations to commemorate the Queen's 90th Birthday. The forecasters failed to warn of ... Read more

Part of year 6's post SATs enrichment was decorating parasols for the Bentham Community Carnival on Saturday June 4th. There was sunshine, music and the usual cheerful, waving crowd as we wove through the streets twisting our umbrellas to the beat. Thank you to those parents and children who took ... Read more

Purple hoodies could be clearly seen on the platform at Oxenholme Train station. Excited chatter from the children, nervous Mums and Dads and just one or two suitcases eagerly awaited the arrival of our train to Edinburgh. A last minute dash from one Year 6 and we were all seated ... Read more

Well, where do I start, we have had a very busy day. A relatively good sleep by all meant wecwoke ready and raring to go again! Breakfast in the youth hostel was followed by a walk through some beautiful Edinburgh streets displaying wonderful architecture. An impromptu visit to the Scottish ... Read more

One sunny, but windy, Wednesday the whole of KS1 set off to Fleetwood to enjoy a day at the farm. There is little point writing about our day here as Class 2 children have written some very impressive recounts to tell you all about it instead. Click on the photographs ... Read more

Surprisingly everyone slept well last night despite the excitement of the first night. After a cooked breakfast Adam's group were off exploring the mine. Maisie was encouraged by Tyler, Billy and Dec led the way and Isabelle and Miss Pearson had to be brave through a rather small gap! But ... Read more

After our bus journey here, we quickly unpacked, made beds and had a guided tour of the centre. Waterproofs were handed out and our instructors were met. Adam's group is Billy, Dec, Tyler, Finley,Ben W, Maisy, Bracken, Aisha, Isabelle, Leon, Isobel, the rest are in Jonny's group. Adam's group did ... Read more

Look below to find out who has amazed everybody with their superb writing skills over the last 2 weeks. Well done! Writing 1 - Augustas Statino - Y2 - A piece of instruction writing on how to plant a seed or bulb successfully. Writing 2 - Charlotte Ashley - Y3 ... Read more

FairTrade Fortnight ran from 29th Feb - 13th March. During the 2 weeks we have learnt about FairTrade in lessons and assemblies as well as from visiting other schools and attending FairTrade events. To start the fortnight we learnt about what FairTrade actually is during an assembly. A group of ... Read more

After a delayed start to an icey morning year 3 and 4 embarked on their Residential to Malham Tarn Field Study Centre last Thursday (25th March 2016). Waving off parents whilst dressed as pirates, we began walking across the fields towards the centre. Along the way we had time for ... Read more

Last half term, Class 3 were extremely lucky to be joined by Verpi from Settle Story Tellers. Verpi ran a four week animation workshop with us teaching the art of animation. We learnt the history behind animation, how it works and the skills involved. We got into groups and created ... Read more

Look below to find out who has amazed everybody with their fantastic writing skills. Well done! Writing 1 + 2 - Alma Kandler - Y2 - A story based upon the book 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne. Writing 3 - Rio Egner - Y4 - A retelling of a Traditional Tale. ... Read more

Lempen Puppets came to our school to tell us the story of The Amazing Thing. As they went through different stories they collected different objects to set the Thing free. The story was told by Peter Grimm , the props were fantastic and the music made you want to find ... Read more

On Friday 29th January the whole school took part in a Maths Day. In Key Stage 2 the three classes were mixed up and put into groups. The groups then moved around different classrooms throughout the day taking part in different problem solving activities, all linked to Maths and in ... Read more

Today (3rd February) Class 3, 4 and 5 took part in a dance workshop as part of our ‘Eastern Religions’ topic this term. We have been finding out about Eastern Religions, countries and mountains and today we listened to and danced to music from Eastern countries. Ludus Dance Company came ... Read more

The Education Department Guide at the Houses of Parliament described Bentham Pupils as the best group of that age she had ever had the pleasure to teach. This was perhaps, in part, due to our excitement at being in such an awe- inspiring building which any amout of pre-learning could ... Read more

This Christmas, the winter holiday challenge for KS2 was to learn and perform a poem of choice " off by heart". There was a promise of glory (and prizes) for the winning entrant and pupils spent last week impressively reciting a total of 60 poems to their classmates and staff. ... Read more

Did you recieve a chess set this Christmas? Would you like to like to learn how to play? Do you know how to play "a bit" but would like to get better? Do you need a partner to show your awesome chess moves to? If the answer to any of ... Read more

Look below to find out who has amazed everybody with their superb writing skills. Well done! Writing 1 - Taylor Collingwood - Y2 - A piece of independent instruction writing based on a non-fiction book about birds. Writing 2 - Lauren Taylor - Y5 - A cross curricular poem based ... Read more

Music lessons have continued in Class 4 this term. After some tuning of the instruments following the Christmas holidays, all the children practised 4 notes. Clarinet players got the hang of changing their reeds and our saxophonists had some tricky finger positions to master. Strings were plucked by our guitarists, ... Read more

Armed with questionnaires and pens, some of our Governors came along to our Parent Teacher Evenings to gain the views of parents about our school. As a school, we are always keen to improve all aspects of our school and gaining the views of parents is an important part of ... Read more

On Friday 27th November Reception and Key Stage 1 enjoyed a visit from our North Yorkshire Fire Safety Officer along with local firemen from Bentham Fire Station, and perhaps most excitingly, a fire engine! As part of our 'Fire, Fire!' topic, children from Class 1 and Class 2 found out ... Read more

Our new school Eco-club has been created with children from across Key Stage 2. We kick started our new eco-club with a visit to RHS Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate as part of a school eco event. We travelled with Mrs Boocock and Miss Pearson to Harrogate where we joined ... Read more

On Wednesday 18th November Class 3 and 4 embarked on the lengthy journey to Chester to visit the Dewa Roman Experience. The trip had been organised to coincide with our KS2 Autumn topic entitled ‘The Rotten Romans’. During our visit the children took part in two workshop style sessions; the ... Read more

Our Head Boy, Matthew Hill and our Head Girl, Louisa Hill attended High Bentham Remembrance Service on School Hill on the 11th November. Although the whole school planned to take part in the service, the wet and windy weather meant this was not possible. Instead Louisa and Matthew were joined ... Read more

Five boys have been working with Mr White to make a go kart. We used wood and even got to use a power drill! It is very fun and we are very lucky to be making it. Soon we are going to be painting it. We just need to think ... Read more

Our final Science club has taken place with our eager Scientists from Key Stage 2 exploring a range of investigations all linked to colour. Paint, pastels, chalk, food dye and felt tip pens were all used to explore some exciting phenomena. We created fingerprint artwork, looked at colour separation and ... Read more

Once again we were thoroughly entertained by M&M productions with their performance of Sleeping Beauty. Singing could be heard down the corridors in school as the children were encouraged to join in at every moment. We all enjoyed the amazing acting, humour and brilliant costumes. Thank you very much to ... Read more

The rights respecting group have been selected to voice the opinions and ideas of all the children in school, and will endeavour to ensure that children here all have their rights met. Mrs Harrison is looking forward to working with them and will update you on any developments in the ... Read more

Mrs Steele was very excited this week! She had some fantastic news to share with the children and after playing 'Chariot's of Fire' on the piano our sporting themed Praise Assembly got underway, beginning with an announcement that our school has won the Sainsbury's Silver Games Award. The School Games ... Read more

At the start of the Autumn Term we asked all children from Year 1 to Year 6 to complete a questionnaire to find out what they thought about their school. This was a great opportunity for pupil voice and for us to find out the children's thoughts, opinions and ideas. ... Read more

Y6 learnt a lot more than what it takes to become a Roman Soldier, the difference between an Auxiliary and a Legionary, lots of Latin (animus attentus! laxarte and underwear called subligare), how to store food, keep warm and wipe yourself in 122AD and that there was no writing before ... Read more

Many thanks to all those parents who were able to come and find out about our new handwriting scheme. Lots of worried and anxious faces walked through the door when they saw pens, paper and funny fonts on the tables! Please find below the presentation used during the meeting and ... Read more

On Monday 12th October Year 1 and Year 2 children visited the Church of England Church, St John the Baptist, in Low Bentham. After the long walk down we all enjoyed a little rest on the pews whilst we discussed what they were for and who would use them. After ... Read more

Many thanks to all those parents who came along to our meeting about the new curriculum. It was wonderful to see so many parents and we had some fantastic discussions about the new curriculum and in particular the raised expectations. Please see below the presentation used at the meeting in ... Read more

Today was a very exciting music lesson for children in Class 4. Mr Waugh, our music teacher, handed out the instruments to each individual child. Year 4 and 5 will now learn how to play their musical instrument over the rest of the year. Micah has a cello, Tom an ... Read more

It has been wonderful to see how the youngest members of our school have settled in to the setting and the daily routines of Nursery so well. They have enjoyed exploring both the classroom and our fantastic outdoor provision. We have been learning about ourselves and Autumn, and have even ... Read more

Class 4 are extremely lucky to have Mr Waugh teaching them music every week throughout the whole year. Mr Waugh visits lots of schools to encourage children to learn a musical instrument. Children in Class 4 will this year form a mini-orchestra where they will learn how to play a ... Read more

On Tuesday 22nd September, after school, we held our first Science club. A small group of children, chosen by their teacher's, were invited to come along and join Miss Pearson to carry out some scientific investigations. Using a whole variety of equipment, the science club made some Bubbling Bouncing Raisins, ... Read more

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