Class 5 - Roles and Responsibilities

As mentioned previously on our class page, Class 5 returned to school in September and spent a couple of days writing job applications for some roles and responsibilites that they wanted to carry out this year. Their letters were amazing and it was a hard choice when it came down to dishing out the jobs, however, I am pleased to say that everyone has taken to their new roles amazingly and they have worked really hard so far this term, to ensure they are fullfilling their role to their best potential - in a positive and mature manner. 

So without furhter ado, I would like to introduce you to our new Year 6 team:

School Councilors - Lola and Oliver 

House Captains - Macy, Ella, Augustas and William

Sports Leaders - Ethan, Abbie and Macy

Toast Cafe Supervisors - Ella and Abbie

ICT Co-ordinators - William and Augustas

Recycling Team - Taylor and Olivia

Playground Equipment Supervisor - Alfie

School Menu Design - Caitlin 

School Librarians - Ava, Chloe and Alma