Boys love reading too!

It has been brilliant to see so many of our boys become more engaged with reading over the past year. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to get boys into reading or even to choose to read on their own accord, however it has been so lovely to see such a change across school with so many more boys choosing to read! We now see a a larger number of boys attending book club on a Friday afternoon, choosing to read on the playground at lunch times and even talking about their favourite books and authors and which one they would like to read next, to their peers.  

Over the past few months, our book shelves have been expanding with lots of brand new lovely books for our children in KS2 to read. Some firm favourite authors that the boys love include: David Walliams, Anthony Horrowitz, David Baddiel and David Pilkey. 

As well as these, the boys in Class 4 love to read the newspaper. We have a subscription to First News (a children's newspaper) which gets delivered to school every fortnight and the boys love catching up on current affairs, finding out weird and wonderful stories as well as sitting and doing the crossword. The only thing they'd love to go with it - is a nice cup of tea! Maybe one day ...

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