A Special Visit to Class 5

‘‘Twas the middle of a maths lesson when all through the room,
not a child was stirring, not even a tune
Year 5 and 6 were busy learning about angles,
with plenty of word problems they were trying to unscramble.

When knocking on the door came a tiny little clatter,
Class 5 rose from their desks to see what was the matter?
And in through the door poured the children from Class Two,
To show us the letters that they really wanted to do.

'We’ve written to Santa!' called out the girls and boys,
'Can we share with you the list of all of our toys?'
So in they came to find a listening friend,
And read out their dreams untill the very end.

We loved our little visitors and their excited pleas,
And how all of their letters included the word please!
So Class 5 are keeping their fingers crossed for you,
That all of your Christmas wishes do come true.