Caring about our Future

With the election looming, Class 5 have spent some time over the past couple of weeks looking at all things political. We have looked at our government: how it runs, the different parties, their leaders and policies and its been great to see so many children take a genuine interest in the upcoming events. With this in mind, when Brian McDaid, our local Labour representative, said he would like to drop into school our Year 5 and 6 children jumped at the opportunity to grill him about his policies and promises. 

We spent some time thinking about what was important to us locally, wider and nationally and came up with some excellent questions to put to Brian. Some of these included:

  • How do Labour plan on ensuring our wait times reduce at doctors? 
  • How do they intend on improving our NHS?
  • What are Labour going to do to tackle the amount of knife-crime? 
  • How are Labour going to ensure that jobs such as doctors, nurses, teachers etc are going to be paid more?
  • Do Labour plan on supporting families who live in Council Housing?

Brian visited school this week and it was excellent to see children so  eager to get involved. They challenged some of the answers they were given and asked further questions to make sure they had a good understanding of the Labour party so that they could report back to eligible voters when they got home. Well done Class 5! A great opportunity handled with fabulous maturity. 

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