Heysham Power Station

To kick start our electricity unit in Science, Class 5 visited Heysham Power Station today and had the most amazing day. We spent the morning discussing the different types of electricity used across the UK and predicting the percentage usages before looking at the grid online. We were shocked to see the percentage of power that was being created by coal and gas today! We then explored how nuclear power was created before spending some time in the hands-on visitors centre. 

During the afternoon, we donned our protective safetyware before heading over to Heysham 2 for a tour. We visited the control room where there were thousands of buttons to control the 2 reactors at Heysham 2, stopped off at the viewing platform to take a look at the reactors in action and then wandered through the turbine plant where the power is created to turn the reactors (it was incredibly noisy in here therefore we had to wear our ear defenders for protection).

We had the most interesting and exciting day and we all came away with so much new knowledge to share. It was wonderful to see all the children so engaged and keen to ask and answer question. An excellent way to inspire our children, we will definitely be back! 

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