Super Science

This half term, Class 4 have started looking at Animals Including Humans during our Science lessons. We began by looking at and naming the different bones within the human body as well as looking at the function of our muscles - especially the biceps and the triceps. 

Last week, we looked at the digestive system. We looked at the different organs that make up the system as well as the role they play with the digestion of our food. The children loved getting messy whilst carrying out a hands on demonstration of how the digestive system works and surprisingly, we only had 1 child make a mad dash to the bathroom!

The children mushed up banana and biscuits in their mouth (the plastic bag) before washing it down the oesophagus with a little bit of water (saliva). When it reached the stomach it was greated by a little bit of orange juice (acting at the acid) to break the food down even further. It then made a long journey down the intestines (the tights) where all of the nutrients departed, being transported to the different parts of the body. What was left (the waste) then made its exit out of the rectum into our make shift toilets (the plastic cups). 

We then created our own recounts of our journey, imagining we were that banana or biscuit at the beginning. Class 4 came up with some amazing writing which at the same time was absolutely hilarious! I loved reading their journeys. Well done Class 4!