Fact or Fiction?

Class 3 have been looking at how not everything published on the Internet is true. After looking at the Tomato Spider website we spotted the following clues that told us it probably wasn't factually correct;

  • Pictures were drawn and there were no photographs.
  • There wasn't an author's name or company name at the bottom of the website.
  • There wasn't a date for when it was published.
  • Quite a lot of the links didn't work.
  • When you search 'Tomato Spider' no other results come up.  

We then went on to write our own web pages telling you about what we have been up to in Class 3 over the half term. We wrote about our Science lesson which looked at how we see the moon in the sky, our trip to Godly Play and our Reading lesson where we acted out a chapter from 'There's a Viking in my bed'. 

Can you spot the factually true write ups from the wildly fictional ones?