PSHE - Making Choices

This half term, we have been looking at making the right choices in our PSHE lessons which has linked brilliantly with our Science -  Animals including Humans. We have been looking at making sensible choices in order to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

During our lesson this week, we have been looking at how branding can influence our choices through companies using bright and engaging desings, interesting images as well as cheap prices and reductions. We also talked about how sometimes our opinions can be influenced by our friends and the importance of creating our own opinions on things.

We took 5 popular drinks and chose which drink we would pick based primarily on its appearence, and which drink we would choose if we could drink any of them right now. Our tally charts showed that the most popular drink based on appearence alone was the Capri Sun whilst the children chose Monster and Coca Cola as their most favourite drinks. 

Interestingly, this all changed when we began digging deeper. We looked at the nutritional value on the back of each drink and weighed out the amount of sugar in each of the drinks. It's fair to say, we were quite alarmed at the amount of sugar in some drinks as well as surprised with the amount in others. Our opinions soon changed and alot the children voted that they would now be choosing Ribena or Capri Sun, however a lot more children said that they were going to opt for diet free alternatives as well as water! Good choices Class 4. 

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