Evil Pea causes chaos in Class 1!

This week we have started looking at the story of Supertato.

Evil Pea's antics in the classroom have definately inspired and engaged the children in their learning. 

On Monday morning we discovered a crime scene! A carrot had been grated and after sharing the story of Supertato we knew exactly who it was! EVIL PEA! We searched high and low and made some 'Wanted Posters' so that everybody could help find him, sticking them up around school and around the playground. A greap opportunity to practise the letter P. 

We found Evil pea hiding in a plant and decided to capture him. Some children made traps and cages to keep him in using construction or craft materials.

Some children even made treasure maps and we used the app Chatterkids to put voices to some of the characters in the story.