St John The Baptist Church Visit

On Wednesday 29th January, our Reception and Year 1 children had the lovely opportunity of visiting St John The Baptist C of E Church in Low Bentham. This was to supplement our learning around the question 'What makes a place special or sacred?' in RE. 

We gathered in the pews and were split into groups. Each group explored a different area or artefact in the church. We had a go at holding the huge bible and preaching from the Pulpit, looking at the alter cloth and tasting the bread and wine (juice!), exploring the font and finding out why people get christened, going outside to look at the special gravestones and discussing why we have graveyards, exploring different representations of the cross from around the world and what they symbolise and finally enjoying learning a religious song with actions.

We finished off the morning with a snack and sing song before embarking on the long walk back to school. Needless to say we were all ready for our lunch when we got back!

A special thank you to all the parents who helped us at any point in the trip and also the fabulous volunteers from the Church commnunity, who ran the different activities in church. Thank you also Reverend Anne, this was not possible without your time and help and is much appreciated. 

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