School Council and School Houses

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School Council

We are proud to have a very pro-active school Council. We have children who represent each year group from Year 1, on the Council and they meet every month with the Headteacher. The School Council plan events across the school year, e.g fundraising events, they also put requests to the headteacher for equipment that children would like to see at the school, particularly in the school playground.

In the past 2 years the School Council have:

  • Renewed the School Rules
  • Designed, bought and paid for a new wooden Adventure Trim Trail
  • Bought two new Basketball nets for the playground
  • Helped organise the Enterprise Challenge at the School Summer Fair
  • Introduced the Weekly Attendance Trophy in Praise Assembly
  • Wrote to the Town Council about Road Safety on the road outside school
  • Spoke to representatives from the Local Authority about our school
  • Formed the School Safety Crew to help keep us safe in school

This year our School Council have:

  • Helped rewrite the Positive Behaviour Policy to include changes to how we use the traffic light system
  • Introduced a Brainbuilder Award in Assmebly to recognise extra effort when completing homework
  • Changed the Library Club day so that more children can attend
  • Helped Mrs Pearson spend £7500 of grant funding on music equipment including an outdoor stage and large scale outdoor instruments
  • Been involved in choosing the names and illustrations for our School Values
  • Decided new names for the House Point teams

We have a School Council Board near Class 4 showing the members of the school council.  We also have a School Council Board near Mrs Pearson's office which highlights our current projects.


School Houses

Each child in school will belong to one of four school houses. The theme for the house names are precious gemstones  Our children are always aiming shine and stand out!  Each house has a house captain and team points are collected each week, culminating in a half-termly house party for the winning team.

Our houses are:

Ruby - Red

Amber - Orange

Emerald - Green

Sapphire - Blue


Our House Points display is outside the school hall.

This year we are continuing to develop opportunities for children to collaborate together in their houses more often.