No more Knives or County Lines

Year 6 were visited on Wednesday afternoon by author Christina Gabbitas for an informative presentation entitled 'No More Knives or County Lines'. 

She has put into animation a scenario showing how young people can unfortunately and quite easily become involved in County Lines and knife carrying; County Lines being the exploitation of young people to carry and deliver packages of drugs any distance by public transport to certain destinations, initially with the promise of money and gifts. 

Two WPCs were present, and while confirming that knife carrying can result in a criminal record, importantly elicited that our children should seek a trusted adult if they ever found themselves in such a situation.

There were 'true or false' questions throughout and at the end, Christina and the children created a poem about what they had seen. The afternoon was incredibly informative and complemented our PSHE focus 'Keeping safe whilst out and about' really well. 

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