World Ocean Day 8th June 2021


In school last week we celebrated world ocean day and looking at the sea and how we can conserve it.

In Class 2, their latest unit of work in English has been about the film 'song of the sea'. They wrote stories which were all focused and set in the ocean. They also made these jellyfish and paper fish in DT.

In Nursery the children have been under the sea and at the beach. They have learnt lots of fishy songs and did some fish counting. We read lots of stories about the sea and underwater. We even built a yellow submarine in the classroom so we could go on underwater adventures with our ‘crew’. We use play-dough to make starfish, and cup cake cases to make octopuses. We read the story ‘Sally and the Limpet’ introducing the children to the idea of leaving the beach as you find it.