Cleatop Woods

On Wednesday 9th June our Year 2 and Year 3 children enjoyed a fabulous day in the woods exploring the plants and animals that live there. 

After arriving at Settle the children walked up to Cleatop woods, which was an achievement in itself. We were very proud of how the children put in lots of effort to get to the top of the hill and how they all helped each other over the styles and encouraged each other along the way. On the way some of us were even lucky enough to see 2 deer quite close by.

Upon arriving at the woods we split into 3 groups and spent time investigating different parts. We used tree and plant identification keys to find out what was growing in the woods. We measured out some 2m quadrants and tested whether they were good places to plant trees based on the amount of light, nutrients, space and water they had. We also went on the hunt for evidence of animals that lived there and hunted for minibeasts that help with the very important decomposition of leaves and twigs to create new soils full of nutrients.

We finished the day with a lovely clay art activity where we made either woodland animals or fairies to leave in the woods. Before we left, we made sure we had found or built them some shelter. 

It was absolutely brilliant to get out and about and enhance our knowledge on plants and animals beyond the classroom. Thank you very much to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority for giving us the chance to go on this trip and leading the activites whilst we were there.   

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