Captain Tom 100 challenge

Friday 30th April 2021 would have been Captain Sir Tom Moore's 101st Birthday. All of us at Bentham got involved with the '100 challenge' both in School and at home. 

We had some fantastic photos from children at home including feeding 100 sheep,100 jumps on a trampoline and pogo stick, 100 drawings, 100 golf balls being hit and 100 pieces of litter picked up from the coast! 

In School, Nursery and Class 1 had lots of mathematical provision for the day and read about Captain Tom's life. 

Class 2 dedicated their PE lesson to the number 100. They did lots of activities linked to the number 100 including throwing and catching a ball 100 times and throwing 100 balls from a hoop into a target. 

Class 3  began the day by reading a book about Captain Tom's life and then talked about the number 100. They investigated how long a line of 100 1p coins would be. They measured a 1p coin and calculated how long the line of 100 coins would be. They then lined up the coins and checked to see if they were correct. Lots of team work going on!

Class 4 began by writing down different ways of representing the number 100. They came up with some incredible mathematical representations; factor rainbows, bar models, part whole models and different fact families. They then went outside and all completed 100 skips around the playground as a conga line.

In Class 5 they looked at the number 100 and challenged themselves to see how many number sentences they could create that would have an answer of 100.

What a busy day we had celebrating such a wonderful person's life. 

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