Stone Age Day

As part of our Stone Age Topic, two lovely ladies from Woodmatters transported us back in time for the day. We spent the whole day outside in the woodland area, despite the terrible weather. First we thought about prehistory and made a human timeline. Then the children enjoyed making flint axes using slate and wood. This was quite a tricky affair. The children worked brilliantly in little teams to help each other to shape the slate into flint axehead shapes and, using a stone as a hammer, cut a slit in a stick to hold the axehead. Then they bound the whole thing together with twine. They looked absolutely fantastic! After looking at some Bronze Age designs the children made a copper sun disk. Sun disks were originally made using gold – but we couldn’t run to that! It is  thought that they were worn on clothing or maybe as part of a headdress, but we do not know for sure. After lunch the children used flints to light a fire. This was really exciting and much harder that it looks! We rounded off the day with some painting, Stone Age style, using the pigments from different stones. We tried to create simple cave art style figures and shapes. All in all it was a tremendous day of learning and fun!

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