Fantastic Flying Machines Competition

As part of our new Science Partnership, all schools involved are running a Fantastic Flying Machines competition. There is the chance to be the overall winner across all seven schools, as well as prizes for winners within our school and each class. 

There are two competitions running at the same time...

Competition 1

Design a paper aeroplane that will fly using only the power of your throw. You will need to bring this plane in to school on Monday 7th December. We will then test them in our classes. The plane that flies the furthest will be the winner.

Competition 2

Make a model of a flying machine using paper and card. The model can be of any machine that can fly.  Photos of your design need to be taken and sent with a paragraph about how you made it to and

I hope you will all be enthused to take part in these competitions and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via Class 3's email. Please see the attachments below for further competition rules. 

Good Luck, 

Mrs Harrison

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