Class 2


                                                                            Welcome to Class Two.

We have both Year One and Year Two children in our class. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning our class teacher is Miss Richardson. On a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday Miss Wilson takes our class. We are very fortunate to be supported by our wonderful assistants Mrs Green and Mrs Nelson.

This term our topic is ‘Our Place in Our World!’

Each day the children will take part in Maths, Writing and Reading lessons and where relevant, links will be made to our topic.

Maths – We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning at Bentham Community Primary School. We will be solving lots of multiplication and division problems this half term. We will need to count in skips of 2, 5, 10 and even 3’s! We will then move on to looking at fractions and begin telling the time.

Phonics & Spellings- Each day the children will take part in a fast paced, active phonics lesson. We always recap prior learning before moving on to learn a new sound or rule. Each Friday the children will take part in a spelling quiz. The words will contain a sound or spelling rule that the children have learnt the week before. 

Reading Lessons: Each day your child will take part in a Guided Reading lesson. The guided sessions are an opportunity for small groups of children to read a phonetically decodable book to an adult or with their peers, with the aim of developing their reading fluency.  Year Two children also take part in whole class reading lessons, where the children all study the same text. These sessions will focus upon the teaching of comprehension strategies so to gain a greater understanding of what is being read. 

Writing lessons: Our writing lessons follow the Jane Consodine Teaching Sequence. This half term we are exploring non-fiction texts about travelling and diary entries. We will be imaginging what it's like to visit Antartica and in contrast, South Africa! We will be using a range of adjectives and verbs to describe our journies.

Science: We will be learning about Lliving Things and their Habitats this half term. We will be exploring the Wildlife Garden in search of mini-beast and their micro-habitats, aswell as creating information posters about the animals we discover. As scientists we will need to identify and sort the animals, ask questions about why and how events occur and record our findings carefully. 

Art: We will be creating landscape drawings this half term inspired by the artist LS Lowry. We will be creating thick and thin lines using special artist pencils and begin shading light and dark areas. We will have a go at sketching the school building!

PE – Children must come to school dressed in their PE kit every Tuesday and Wednesday. They do not need a school uniform to change into as they will stay in their sporty clothes all day. As the weather warms up, please could we make sure that all children have a water bottle in school with them every day, which can be refilled from our water fountains. On really sunny days, please also ensure your child has suncream applied in the morning before school and a sunhat they are wear.

Please ensure all your child’s clothes are clearly labelled so as not to cause any upset when they cannot find their belongings.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries. 

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