Class 1



Class 1 is taught by Miss Brown alongside Miss Boocock. 

Class 1 is where our children spend their first year in school. With Nursery age children joining us in an afternoon with Mrs Askew.

Our aim in Class 1 is to develop confident, happy and life-long learners. 

We enjoy a balance of adult initiated activities and access to areas of continuous provision which provides children opportunities to develop their learning further and practise new skills in an enabling environment. We are also very lucky to have access to a fantastic outdoor area, allowing us to learn and develop skills outside.


Children should bring appropriate outdoor clothing including coats, hats, scarves and gloves in winter or sun hats and sun cream in summer. Please ensure everything is named.


PE sessions are on a Tuesday and Friday afternoons. We will be focusing on Ball skills this half term. Children should come to school in their PE kits on these days.


Across school we have brain builder homework. A book is sent home with several different activities to choose from. We share this homework with each other during our 'brain builder gallery' which will happen at the end of each half term. This book will need to be brought back into school the last week of the half term.


Children in Class 1 have a fruit snack each day and all children up to the age of 5 can have Milk.

We would also advise all children bring a water bottle to school every day which will be returned home daily.


Each half term we have a main topic that is the focus of our activities. From this central theme we plan activities across the different areas of early learning and incorporate the children’s particular interests and enthusiasms into our planning as we go. Learning in the early years occurs through practical activities with continued free-flow access to the indoor and outdoor continuous provision being an important part of our school day. We do have some wellies in school however if your child would prefer to keep their own pair in the classroom, they are more than welcome to do so

This half term our main topic is titled ‘What makes me special?’. We will look at ourselves, our bodies and our senses, as well as discussing our family and friends.

In Class 1 we actively promote characteristics of effective learning and where a child has been observed exploring, concentrating or planning their play we celebrate this with a 'Ellie the Explorer', 'Concentrating Crocodile' or 'Planning Puppy' sticker. If your child comes home with one, why not ask them what they have been doing?

Contact us

Please feel free to email any ‘WOW’ moments the children have at home as we would love to discuss and display these in the classroom!

If you have anything that you wish to discuss, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Class 1 Team



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