Our Nursery children spend the mornings taught by in our lovely nursery room and outdoor area. Nursery is where each child starts their learning journey through education and we endeavor to make it as fun, practical and engaging as possible. We boast a wide range of resources along with an impressive outdoor area for our children to access freely.

In Nursery we aim to;

  • Provide an environment which is safe, secure and welcoming, where learning takes place through play;
  • Provide a positive environment where children can explore and experiment;
  • Provide an environment where equal opportunities for all takes place regardless of gender, race, culture or religion;
  • Promote understanding, kindness and tolerance of others;
  • Provide a varied and enjoyable curriculum that focuses on the importance of nurturing your child's motivation to learn;
  • Be dynamic and flexible, changing in response to children's prevailing concerns and interests.

In Nursery we actively promote characteristics of effective learning and where a child has been observed exploring, concentrating or planning their play we celebrate this with a 'Ellie the Explorer', 'Concentrating Crocodile' or 'Planning Puppy' sticker. If your child comes home with one, why not ask them what they have been doing?   
Nursery sessions begin at 9am and children and parents are asked to enter through the back gate off the playground into the classroom. Children then self register and are able to explore the provision on offer before focussed activities begin. Throughout the morning children then choose where they would like to play and learn whilst adults support and observe. Daily focused tasks take place in small groups working mainly on early phonics and mathematics, but all other areas of the Early Years Curriculum too. Between 10.30am and 11am we have snack where children can help themselves to a range of delicious fruit and vegetables as well as a drink of water or milk. The morning finishes either with a story or song time before lunch.
Children either leave at 12 midday from the front door without having lunch at school or stay and have lunch. The children who stay on until the afternoon currently go into Class 1 with the reception children and are either collected at 3pm or 3.30pm as previously agreed and arranged. 
Please ensure that your child brings appropriate outdoor clothing including coats, hats, scarves and gloves in winter or sun hats and sun cream in summer. We ask that children arrive wearing sun cream so we can get exploring outside as quickly as possible. We have a range of wellies and all in one rain suits for children to use during our messy play or bad weather. Please feel free to bring your own if you would prefer. Additionally, you may bring a water bottle for your child if you would like, however children are allowed a drink whenever they ask. Please ensure that everything is labelled with your child's name as we often have an array of unnamed items left without a home at the end of the day.  
Upon starting Nursery, children will be given a Home-School book which will have a challenge set in it for them to complete at home. Please put these books in the box by the pegs (or send them in with your child) for us to look at and change whenever you like. We also offer a book lending scheme whereby children can choose a book from our regularly updated reading corner to take home and share with you. Each child has a Reading Record which includes suggested activities to do whilst reading but is mainly for you to record how you shared the book together. A signing in/out record is kept by the pegs for you to fill in. You will also find spare 'WOW' moment tokens on the entrance door for you to let us know of any 'WOW' moments your child has had at home. We love celebrating these in Nursery. If you have any questions about any of the above please do not hesitate to ask.  
Should you wish to look around our fantastic Nursery, then please ring School to arrange an appointment. 


Our learning this term

This term the children will be learning about the environment, routines and facilities at nursery. They will tell us about themselves and their families and what they are interested in and make new friends and find out about them too. The children explore stories and bring them to life with small world and role play. They will practise listening skills and singing songs, building up to early phonics and letter recognition. They will practise fine motor skills with mark making tools and scissors building up to early writing. We will count and explore numbers, patterns and shapes. We will look at the weather and the days of the week. We will spend lots of time outside in our outside area, climbing on the climbing frame, enjoying sand and water play and using the mud kitchen exploring malleable materials and capacity. The children will also climb our wooden trim trail and become more confident moving around their environment.

After half term we will look forward to exploring the colours of Autumn and the Light & Dark of Bonfire Night, Divali and Christmas - all in an accessible early years environment, building up their love of learning and ability to play and learn together.


We are all back at school now and there is no homelearning requirement for now. If there should be another school closure or your child needs to work from home for any reason (bubble closure or self isolation due to a COVID case at home), your teacher will supply a home learning pack and post activities on this website below.