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The staff, governors and children welcome you to our vibrant and friendly school. Through our website, we hope to give you an insight into our school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents, children and other interested visitors.

A nurturing family, learning together.

Choosing a school for your child is such an important decision and we hope that by visiting us and reading about the activities and learning experiences that happen here, you will feel that Bentham Community Primary School is a caring, family community, committed to achievement and sharing in the successes of each individual in our care.  We pride ourselves on our inclusive, family feeling school.

The curriculum here is lively and creative.  We believe children should be allowed to experiment with, and experience, activities that inspire them to find out more.  The staff work very closely together to ensure a joined up thinking approach and to ensure high standards, through quality first teaching and learning experiences across the primary years. We aim to foster a lifelong love of learning and believe that our children deserve the very best as they start their learning journey with us.  We aim to enable children to recognise the positive contribution that they and others are able to make to our diverse, ever-changing society, both near and far.

We believe in working in partnership with parents, carers and members of our local community and wider communities in order to fulfil this aim.  An important part of our ethos is to value the partnership we have with parents as we believe that working closely together enables your child to benefit fully from school. We hope that you are able to visit our school to see us in action and to get a real feel of what it is like to be a learner with us.

Please do contact the school office to make an appointment for a guided tour. Should you have any further questions or concerns, we would be more than happy to discuss these.

We look forward to sharing in your child’s education in the future.

If any parent requires a paper copy of any of the information on this website, then please contact Sally Johnson in the school office and this can be provided free of charge.  Information can also be provided in a different language, braille or large print, if required.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. 

Claire Pearson / Alison McGregor


You do a fantastic job creating such a wonderful environment for the children and we are so pleased we chose Bentham School.


Dear Parents and Carers, It is with enormous pleasure that I write to share with ... Read more

Latest News

On 15th November, Year 6 had a fantastic day taking part in a lantern making workshop, led by the fabulous Poppy and Anna from Pioneer Projects. The workshop was in preparation for a lantern procession through Bentham taking place on Friday 15th December. Read more

Have you seen our new 'Marvin and Milo' Physics activities you can try at home? They are extremely simple and easy to do at home and also lots of fun! If you have a go, why not email the partnership with some photos of what you got up to at ... Read more

Class 5 had a wonderful time exploring the river Ribble from its source to its mouth! Starting at Ribblehead Viaduct we explored the source of the River Ribble, the surrounding land and the viaduct itself. Then jumping back on the bus, we travelled to Horton-in-Ribblesdale where we found the river ... Read more

This half term we are learning about castles! This week we ventured outside and kicked off this term's topic by using equipment in the construction area to make our very own castle. Amazing team work! Reception children will be visiting Skipton Castle at the end of term. Read more

Over the past couple of weeks, children in Class 5 have been revisiting and looking at British Values - thinking about what they mean and how this might look in our country as well as our school. They were set a Brain Builder challenge to create a model that they ... Read more

As part of the Great Places exchange Project, Class 3,4 and 5 had the opportunity to take part in a number of artistic workshops lead by three professional artists. Rachel Thornton, Bentham based artist, Maria Del Carmen, an award winning painter and ceramist and Kees Ouwens, a sculptor who both ... Read more

Whilst Year 6 were out caving this week, the Year 5's, in Class 5, took it upon themselves to make some mince pies in preperation for some upcoming festivities in school. The children found a recipe and scaled up the ingredients before venturing into the village to buy fresh, local ... Read more

In preperation for the Christmas Fair on Friday, children in Class 5 put their floristry skills to the test and created the most beautiful Christmas wreaths to sell. They worked so hard and so carefully to make these wonderful creations and it was lovely to see them 'fly off the ... Read more

With the election looming, Class 5 have spent some time over the past couple of weeks looking at all things political. We have looked at our government: how it runs, the different parties, their leaders and policies and its been great to see so many children take a genuine interest ... Read more

Children in Class 3 and 5 walked down to Low Bentham Institute this afternoon to spread a little festive cheer amongst the older generation of Bentham. Several ladies and gentleman had been invited to a special Christmas lunch and when we were asked to sing a few carols for them, ... Read more

‘‘Twas the middle of a maths lesson when all through the room, not a child was stirring, not even a tune Year 5 and 6 were busy learning about angles, with plenty of word problems they were trying to unscramble. When knocking on the door came a tiny little clatter, ... Read more

On Tuesday 17th December children from Class 3 joined Clapham School in an advent trail around the village. With 24 pictures to find, we all split up into two groups and walked around the village keeping our eyes peeled for advent pictures hidden in windows, gardens and porches. Sadly neither ... Read more

On Wednesday 18th December the whole school enjoyed a day filled with Christmas and Maths! Class 1 children enjoyed making their own wrapping paper using repeating patterns and used their mathematical knowledge to do some baking. Class 2 also made repeating pattern wrapping paper and had to programme the beebots ... Read more

Some of the children in Class 5 opened our toast cafe this week for the very first time, and it was wonderful to see so many children queing up for a slice of toast! Our cafe will open every Monday during morning break and serve delicious fresh toast to those ... Read more

A huge thank you to all who have bought from 'The Book People' company at School Fairs, The Book Bus and online at home. We raised over £80 in commission and Mrs Harrison had the very satisfying job of spending the money on new books. After attending a course on ... Read more

Last Monday, the children in classes 3, 4 and 5 joined the Bentham community at the Remembrance Service on School Hill to pay our respects to those who fought and sadly lost their lives during previous wars. During the service, Abbie read beautifully the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John ... Read more

This year, children were invited to come into school dressed in something bright and spotty in order to raise money for Children in Need. Throughout the day, all classes also took part in a work-out that was live streamed and run by Joe Wicks who spent the week touring around ... Read more

As mentioned previously on our class page, Class 5 returned to school in September and spent a couple of days writing job applications for some roles and responsibilites that they wanted to carry out this year. Their letters were amazing and it was a hard choice when it came down ... Read more

In Class 5, our art throughout the Autumn Term has been inspired by Peter Thorpe. Peter began creating his work when he became so fed up of wasting paint, that he started to use his left overs to create abstract backgrounds with a space theme. We liked this artist as ... Read more

Have you noticed the fantastic willow dome on the school field? Thanks to Peter (the Willow man) and our School Council representatives our first willow structure was errected within a day! The children learnt how to weave the willow and ensure the structure stayed firmly in the ground. The dome ... Read more

Children in KS2 have been joining Mrs Cadman, this half term, on a Wednesday lunch time at Maths Club. We spend our time practising our times tables knowledge through a number of different games and/or on TTRockstars. It's great to see the children so enthusiatic to learn their tables as ... Read more

To kick start our electricity unit in Science, Class 5 visited Heysham Power Station today and had the most amazing day. We spent the morning discussing the different types of electricity used across the UK and predicting the percentage usages before looking at the grid online. We were shocked to ... Read more

As all was calm on Thursday afternoon up in Key Stage 2, an angry Viking mob stormed the classrooms stealing personal belongings and urging our children to stand against the wall. After the Vikings had lined us all up, they paced up and down the line, one by one, picking ... Read more

Class 3 have been looking at how not everything published on the Internet is true. After looking at the Tomato Spider website we spotted the following clues that told us it probably wasn't factually correct; Pictures were drawn and there were no photographs. There wasn't an author's name or company ... Read more

Class 5 have been extremely busy this afternoon using their fantastic baking skills to make fudge for the School Summer Fair tomorrow after school. With our £10 spending money we have bought all the ingredients and priced each box up carefully with the aim of making a profit. We have ... Read more

In Class 1 we have been learning all about the story of Elmer. It has helped us think about how we are all unique. We have been thinking about how we are similar or different to our friends and family. We have also looked at how to mix different colours ... Read more

This half term, we have been looking at making the right choices in our PSHE lessons which has linked brilliantly with our Science - Animals including Humans. We have been looking at making sensible choices in order to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. During our lesson this week, we ... Read more

Class 3 had a terrific day at Austwick Hall Woods. We made dens, listened to stories and celebrated the birthday of a very old tree! Read more

Class 3 went to Settle for the fun mini olympics competition. We had a super time, despite the cold weather. The students from Settle college had set up lots of brilliant activities for all the children to try. Read more

During the Spring Term, Class 4 were studying South America during our Topic lessons. Within our English lessons, we used the much loved story by Eva Ibbotson - Journey to the River Sea, as a stimulus for our reading and writing. The story follows a young girl, Maia, and her ... Read more

Children in KS2 have been busy battling it out on Times Table Rockstars this past half term to see who can gain a new ‘rock star status’. Times Table Rockstars in an application accessible online which allows children to practice and recall their times tables whilst having fun and gaining ... Read more

On this weeks Welly Wednseday we had to listen really carefully to eachother and work as a team to find the missing shapes. But there was a catch... We were BLIND FOLDED!!!! We thought carefully about the position that the shapes were in and explained where they were to each ... Read more

This half term we have been learning about different shapes and looking for them in the environment. Here are a few pictures of us on our shape hunt! Read more

It has been brilliant to see so many of our boys become more engaged with reading over the past year. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to get boys into reading or even to choose to read on their own accord, however it has been so lovely to see such ... Read more

This half term, Class 4 have started looking at Animals Including Humans during our Science lessons. We began by looking at and naming the different bones within the human body as well as looking at the function of our muscles - especially the biceps and the triceps. Last week, we ... Read more

Children visiting the Houses of Parliament this week and taking a trip on the London Eye. Read more

Year 5 began the Summer Term with the most amazing week at Bewerley Park. We returned after the Easter break extremely excited for our adventure to Pateley Bridge and spent 3 days and 4 nights taking part in many wonderful outdoor activities. We went canoeing to Glasshouses Dam, ghyll scrambaling ... Read more

Miss Thwaite's after school Tag Rugby club got off to a very wet and muddy start this week but that didn't stop us having fun! The club is open to children in years 4, 5 and 6 who want to get active whilst having fun with their friends. We spent ... Read more

On Tuesday, the whole of KS2 took part in a cluster cross-country competition. Our afternoon was full of fun and good spirit whilst children competed in year groups in order to go through to the cross-country finals. Well done to Emily who came the 3rd Girl in the Year 6 ... Read more

Last Friday, KS2 launched their Autumn Term topic with an exciting afternoon. Children received a boarding pass to an anonymous destination before boarding Bentham Airlines. Whilst onboard, children experienced some onflight entertainment and a little light refreshment before landing. On arriving in Egypt, we travelled back in a time capsule ... Read more

Year 6 from Bentham CP School have been awarded with their John Muir Discovery Award. Working in partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust as part of the Stories in Stones Project, the Year 6’s have embraced the ethos of the environmental award scheme focused on wild places and encourages people ... Read more

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