School Day

The School Day

8.50am School Doors Open
9.00am Registration

Assembly (Monday to Wednesday)

Thursday Assembly in Class

10.45-11.00am Playtime
12.00 - 1.00pm Lunchtime
During the afternoon Playtime
3.00pm Celebration Assembly (Friday only - Parents/Grandparents welcome)
3.30pm School Closes
Typical Week Total: 32.5 Hours

Arrival In School

Children should not be in school before 8.50am,  except for those given special permission because of difficult travel arrangements (or those attending Breakfast Club). The School can accept no legal responsibility for children on the premises prior to 8.50am.  When children arrive in School they should go straight to their classrooms.  Those who have dinner at home should not return to School until 1.00pm. unless they are taking part in a specific school activity where they will be supervised by teachers. 

I am delighted with my child's end of year report.  Her progress is clearly down to excellent teaching.  Thank you


Children should be picked up at 3.30 p.m (except when attending an after school activity).  If a child is left for more than 30 minutes after this point and no contact has been received from the parents, then the School may need to ask Social Services to take charge of the children until the parents arrive.