Mental Health Awareness Week May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week May 2021

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Bentham School has been doing lots of different activities to promote positive mental health in school and at home.

Nursery took part in a Cosmic Yoga session and have done lots of outdoor exploration to enhance their physical wellbeing. On Friday they took their fruit and vegetable learning to a new level when they read ‘Supertato’ and found their own BOOM ideas of how to be superhero’s when being kind to others. Some children said they would help at home and others thought of lovely things they could do with or make for their friends.

Class 1 have been reading stories including “The Worry Monster” and “Ruby’s Worries” They have also recently been looking at ways they can be kind to each other and recognising kindness in others.

Class 2 have been busy too. They have been doing their usual guided meditation/mindfulness activities after lunch each day as a way to relax before afternoon lessons.  On Thursday, Miss Downham and Mrs Green had a lovely morning looking at the importance of wellbeing with the children. As this year’s Mental Health Awareness theme is all about nature they decided to base their work on flowers. Each pupil had to chose a class mate and write the chosen friend in to middle of their flower. To create the petals we folded coloured paper and wrote some wonderful and positive words that best described our friends.

Class 3 have done breathing exercises after play times and ‘an attitude of gratitude’ each day thinking of what they're thankful for.

Class 4 spent time every day this week having a peaceful reading time and they had a break from the normal timetable to do an art project day. The clay pots look amazing!

Class 5 had a PSHE lesson focused on mental health. They thought about the definition of mental health and their own moods through the day, a week and a month. They then looked at circles of support and what we can do to help ourselves, what family and friends can do and what the wider community and society can do. They also took part in a guided meditation.