Fantastic Forces!

In Science this half term, we have been learning about 'Forces'. So far, we have investigated the effects of gravity and air resistance. We carried out a fair test to see what impact these forces have on everyday classroom items. We also considered the surface area of each item and decided whether we thought each item was an aerodynamic shape or not. We put this knowledge to the test by conducting an egg drop challenge! We designed and made our own parachute and container to protect an egg when it was dropped from a high point…some of our eggs did not survive! We have also explored the effects of water resistance and buoyancy. We considered the impact of these forces on boats as they move through water. To see these forces in action, we made different shapes using Play-Doh and made predictions about which forces would affect these shapes as we dropped them into a large tub of water: there were some great splashes!

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