Exploring the Vikings

During the Autumn Term, children in KS2 have been looking at Vikings during our topic lessons. We have spent weeks finding out where the Vikings came from, why they came and what they were like? to name but a few of our lessons. In September, we launched our topic  by carring out a Viking Raid within school: capturing slaves, raiding people of their posessions and fleeing on our Viking longboat therefore we wanted to make sure we landed our topic in style too. 

Last week, children in classes 3, 4 and 5 spent the day exploring Viking life. We were greeted by Bjorn in the morning - a Viking warrior - and took part in many activities and wonderful opportunities throughout the day. We reinacted the raids at Lindisfarne, played some typical Viking games, dressed in Viking clothes before watching a weapons demonstration, learning some Viking battle commands and looking at the happenings of 1066. 

We had such a wonderful day and the children loved to get hands on with their learning. They asked some amazing questions and it was lovely to hear that Bjorn also had a fabulous stop off in Bentham!