Day 1 - Whitby

The children are currently up in their dorms changing after a soggy first day in Whitby! It's always amusing, that the one thing they always want to do, when they come away, is spend time in their dorms. 

On arriving, and after a coach journey full of 'are we nearly there yet?', we dropped our bags off at the YHA before venturing down into the town and winding our way through the cobbled streets. We sat by the sea eating our fish and chip dinner before heading over the bridge to play crazy golf. Unfortunately, the weather stopped play a little however, we still managed to get a couple of rounds in before the heavens opened. 

Tonights beach party has been put on hold and we are settling for a dvd and games night instead. Fingers crossed the sun makes an appearence ready for bodyboarding in the morning. 

The children have already scouted out where they want to spend their money ... I think there's going to be a few rotten teeth before Friday!! 

We will update you again tomorrow :)