Camping in Keasden

The Year 6's have just returned from a rather wet and windy camp out at Keasden Head Farm, Clapham. To kick start our John Muir award, we donned our waterproofs, pitched our tents and spent the evening camping under the stars. Whilst on the farm, we took part in a number of outdoor activities with Anthea from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust: roaming the beautiful moors, campfire building, tree planting and flower pressing to name but a few ... we even treated our selves to a little foot spa - nature style!

We also spent some time with Sheila Mason (the farmer) who allowed us to help out on the farm, meet her animals - including the calf that was born whilst we were there and also demonstrated how to make real butter. 

Despite the weather, we remained in high spirits and had the most amazing time. We would just like to say a huge thank you to Anthea for the fantastic idea and a special thank you to Sheila for allowing us to stay on her, as the children described, magical farm.

Keep your eyes peeled for more John Muir adventures!

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