Ingleborough Hall Residential

This term, the Year 3 and 4 children went on a 1 night residential to Ingleborough Hall in Clapham. We spent our time outdoors, exploring our surroundings and generally have lots of fun! On our first day went on a Selfie Scavenger hunt around the village capturning photographs off a tricky checklist, we collected different and interesting leaves in order to create some autumnal leaf art and spent the afternoon den building and making clay hedgehogs. That evening, we went on a night walk through the servants tunnels learning about the history of Ingleborough Hall. On the following day, we played Capture the Flag, making stick trails for our team mates before settling down round the campfire. We LOVED making dampers to toast and watching our popcorn pop however I think the highlight had to be the Smores we made!

What a FAB trip we had, one to remember for a long, long time!

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