First Aid for Class 4

This half term, during our PSHE lessons, Class 4 have been learning all about 'Keeping Safe'. We have looked at how to stay safe around fireworks and water as well as within our local area. We were able to identify different areas within our local community that have the potential to become hazardous and what we would do in different scenarios. 

As well as looking at how to stay safe, we have also looked at what to do in the event of an emergency and this week we got hands on with some practical First Aid. We learnt what to do if we came across someone who was choking, had a severe wound or burn and even someone who was unresponsive. We put our skills into action and practiced the recovery position as well as learning how to carry out CPR. Class 4 demonstrated their maturity throughout and were incredibly sensible and grown-up. Well done, super proud of you Class 4! 

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