Hedgehog Class


Hedgehog class is taught by Mrs Smith (Monday) and Mrs Harrison (Tuesday - Friday) alongside Mrs Green. Our class is made up of both Y1 and Y2 children. Throughout the year, our children transition from play based learning, to more formal lessons, and the children will work hard at becoming more independent learners.


Maths - This half term, Y1’s will be learning about numbers to 20 and how to add and subtract with those numbers. Meanwhile Y2 children will be using and applying their addition and subtraction knowledge to learning about money and amounts and will start looking at multiplication and division. With Mrs Smith, children will be learning how to measure length and height.  

English - Y1's will have daily phonics lessons and reading practice sessions 3 times a week. Year 2's will continue their spelling lessons every day and whole class reading sessions 3 times a week too. During our writing lessons we will be looking at the poem 'If I were in charge of the World' and then writing some 'If I were in charge...' poems ourselves - I think the children will enjoy this one!

Science – This half term in science we are looking at Animals including humans. We will we learning about how we can group animals based on their characteristics and what they eat, as well as learning about humans and how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.

History - Our focus this half term is ‘Bentham School over the years’ where we will be investigating what Bentham School was like for our parents, Grandparents and even Great-Grandparents!

PSHE - We will be exploring how we are all unique individuals, but also need to be able to cooperate with others and solve dilemmas together. We will be thinking about how we can take on certain roles and responsibilities at home and in school to become active citizens.

Art - We have been looking at Kandinsky and his use of line in his artwork. This half term we will be looking at Eva Rothschild's use of line in her 3D art and having a go at creating our own.

PE - On Tuesdays we will be taking part in some indoor athletics, and on Thursdays we will be focussing on our core strength and mindfulness and practising some yoga.   


Monday – Yellow spelling books returned to school.

Tuesday – PE

Wednesday – Children with Little Wandle books to return their reading books. (Y2 not on Little Wandle will get new books during the week when they have finished - just let us know!)

Thursday – PE

Friday – Spellings tested and then new given out for the following Friday. Little Wandle reading books sent home.


Please could we make sure that all children have a water bottle in school with them on a daily basis. Book Bags should  be brought to school every day and kept on coat pegs. Children will also need a named waterproof coat everyday too as we try to get outside no matter the weather.

Reading Books need bringing back to school on the days specified above so we can ensure the correct book is chosen to take home again. Ideally, however, books should be kept in school bags at all times as we sometimes have volunteer readers who listen to the children read, but can't if they don't have their books.


Brain Builders will be given out at the beginning of term and are asked to be returned at the end of every half term so we can celebrate what we have done with each other. Some optional tasks may come home on a Friday to let you know what sounds we have covered in phonics, or learning we have done in Maths. We put the most emphasis on engagement with TT, Numbots, reading and spellings on a weekly basis. All logins for Numbots and TT, a weekly spelling list and the rapid recall level your child is on can be found either in your child's brain builder or will come via email. 


Year 1 children will continue to bring home a decodable book that they have been looking at in their reading practice sessions, as well as a reading for pleasure book that they will have chosen themselves. Year 2 children will also be bringing home a decodable book linked to their reading ability and will get the opportunity to choose their own reading for pleasure book too.  It is important that these books come into school every day. Please ensure it is noted in reading records when children have read at home.


We will be testing children on their spellings every Friday. Year 1 spellings will be linked to their phonics lessons, and Year 2 spellings will be linked to a spelling rule they have been looking at that week. A spelling list will be sent out at the start of every half term. The children will need to learn the class spellings, along with some personal spellings each week. Spelling test books will now go home on Friday for parents to check how their children did, but must be returned the following Monday.


TT rockstars is aimed primarily at Year 2, and helps children learn their times tables. Numbots is aimed at both Year 1 and 2, and helps children to learn basic number facts. We practise both in class but encourage children to practise at home on tablets/computers too. Their passwords can be found in the front of their brain builders. We also use Rapid Recall throughout school to support children learning mental maths facts. You can find your child’s current Rapid Recall Fact on the certificate they brought home on completion of the previous step. Please help your child practise this at home (or in the car or on a walk – in fact anywhere!) We will be encouraging children to let you know when they have completed a 'step'. You can find a list of all the Rapid recall steps below, with some top tips for helping children with these.


Please always feel free to come and see us before or after school should you need to discuss anything.

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Smith and Mrs Green

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