Meet the Team

At Bentham Community Primary School we have a hard working, dedicated team who we are very proud of.  The whole team work hard to ensure that all children are able to meet their full potential. Our team is made up of teachers, teaching assistants, admin staff, lunchtime assistants, volunteers, governors and the PTFA.

Mrs C Pearson - Co-Headteacher 
Mrs A McGregor - Co- Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, SENDCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
Mrs E Chapman - Assistant Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs V Shaw - Year 6 Teacher 
Mrs V Cadman - Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Mrs A Coyle - Year 5 Teacher
Miss E Phillipson - Year 4 Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs G Cryer - Year 2/3 Teacher 
Mrs H Harrison - Year 1/2 Teacher Part Time (Tuesday - Friday)
Mrs N Smith - Year 1/2 Teacher Part Time (Monday)
Mrs L Fox - EYFS (Reception) Class Teacher, Looked After Children Designated Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Mrs M Williams - EYFS (Reception & Nursery Class Teacher)
Mrs S Johnson - Administrator/Midday Supervisor Assistant/Clerk to Governors
Mrs A Duckett - Family Support Assistant
Mrs L Askew - Teaching Assistant Early Years/ Midday Supervisor Assistant/Breakfast/Afterschool Club Assistant
Mrs K Barlow - Teaching Assistant
Miss H Boocock – Teaching Assistant Early Years
Mrs L Green - Teaching Assistant 
Miss M Harrison - Teaching Assistant/Breakfast/Afterschool Club Assistant
Miss N Mulligan - Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Nelson - Teaching Assistant
Ms J Campbell - Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor Assistant
Mrs J Voss - Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor Assistant
Mrs D Pitcher - Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor Assistant
Miss M Kaeomungkhun - Cook in Charge
Mr J Watkinson - Assistant Cook
Mrs L Buckley - Midday Supervisor Assistant
Mrs J Skinner - Midday Supervisor Assistant
Mrs S Harrison - Cleaner
Mrs S Metcalfe - Cleaner
Mr C Mountain – Caretaker
Miss J Paige - School Crossing Patrol